Zee Avi | 天空音樂節 | Tian Kong Music Festival 2019


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Zee Avi

 『Lift your dreams way up high
Lift your goals to the sky
Restui mimpi yang sejati
Di arena cahaya…』

Arena Cahaya

Remember the film of the year for every Malaysian in 2016? “Arena Cahaya”, the theme song for Ola Bola, the movie that struck all of our hearts, was written and sang by none other than our nation’s pride, Zee Avi. Furthermore, she even went on to win “Best Original Film Song” in the 53rd Golden Horse Awards.

As an indigenous descendant from the "Land of the Hornbills", Sarawak, the songstress with her warm vocals is more than capable of healing the weary souls of urban dwellers. Her unique style spans from Jazz, Folk, Pop, to Rock, refusing to be simply forced into one category. The tranquility and sense of freedom that emanates from her music takes you away from the bustling reality and makes you feel as if surrounded by mother nature.

In this year’s Tian Kong Music Festival, Zee Avi will stage an unprecedented crossover with another international artiste (yet to be announced) who is also of indigenous descent. Without a hint of doubt, sparks will fly when these two talented musicians congregate to present a performance with the most delicate language we can ever think of, music.

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