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Appointed by the Europe and America Bloggers
The World’s Top 10 Most Promising New Generation Illustrator


Floyd Grey Fashion Illustrations Exhibition

Floyd took his first steps in fashion illustration in 2010 his college days. He graduated from
Dasein Academy in Arts in 2011. He did not apply for a full time job immediately after
graduation but started to explore the definition of life by living. A dose of inspiration from
life leads to continuously unexpected great artworks.
One day, Floyd was prompted by a sudden impulse to upload his artworks on several art
and design platforms including DevianArt and Behance, which attracted attention promptly
from the platform. Floyd was immediately invited by the international brands for
collaboration where his artworks was printed on their products. Products with individuality
and unique style are strongly supported and favoured in the market. The collaborating
brands include Cacac by Angelica Lee, Padini P&Co, Esquire Magazine, The London
Magazine, Sarah Crossan, Uniqlo and other branded companies.

Floyd Grey’s artworks were sold on an online art gallery including Curioos, New York and
Juniqe, Germany. He was in Yipieyaya Studio Malaysia as an editor, whereas he
sharpened his senses and profession by working on the magazine’s design and details.
He is currently the art director of Tian Kong Music Festival.

He has been engaged in behind-the-scenes design and art work for years.
After staying out of the lime light for a long time, now on July 27 and 28, 2019, he plans to
launch his first solo exhibition in the 2nd "Sky Music Festival” which showcases his
previous accumulated pieces. The pieces are no longer kept hidden and are ready to meet
people who will appreciate them.

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