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/ ​What does the ticket cover?
You’re free to roam around within the designated festival grounds, except for the backstage.
Tickets also cover entries into the art illustration exhibition, live music(obviously), relevant facilities(washroom etc.), and art installation exhibition.

/ What is the pricing like? Are there any T&Cs applicable?
Plese refer to the “Tickets” section under the “info” tab in our official website.

/ How do I buy tickets to the event?
Please click on the “Ticket” tab on our official website.

/  Do child audience(s) require tickets for entry?
Due to the nature of our event, we do not encourage the participation of children below the age of 7.    - As there will be an estimated 2000 pax, we are deeply concerned about the safety of children.
Parent(s) of the child audiences are to be responsible of the child’s safety at all times.
Children tickets are to be purchased before entry and wristbands are to be worn at all times for verification purposes.

Will the tickets be mailed to us?
E-tickets have been issued to purchaser(s) email,kindly present the barcode enclosed within the e-mail for verification purposes to facilitate your entry into our event. Physical copies of the e-ticket(s) are not required, save the trees.