Deca Joins | 天空音樂節 | Tian Kong Music Festival 2019


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Let me live in your eyes, and feel the solitude of the city
Let me live in your eyes, and fail to remember how romance feels like
This is my life

 “Waves” by Deca joins

Everyday we’re flooded by inspirational quotes and motivational excerpts, but is life as perfect as it seems?
There are more and more youthful souls picking up a pen and a guitar and start to question life.

Decadence, spilling uncontrollably from the strings, and drowning those struggling, quivering hands at the edge with a hint of irony.
Truth be told, there were always souls that embraced the decadence. They see confusion and loneliness in the face, and sing for other youthful souls at the brink of society.

Last year, we had Caodong.
This year, we give you Deca joins.

Deca joins are well known for dabbling in genres like “Psychedelic Rock”, “Post Rock” and “Brit pop”.
Their music emanates a sense of powerlessness towards the world, but at the same time enjoying the decadent and catharsis. As if looking despair in the face, perhaps even being in love with it, shall we learn to confront the big gaping hole of loneliness in our lives.

On the stage of this year’s Tian Kong, they will lay bare their repertoires and words.
The capricious tones that echo will get you obsessed.
Surrounded by an ambience of limitless sorrow, you shall find your own path to deal with negativities in life, and embrace without a care, the future that could be going downhill, and a life of emptiness.  

Let us laze around to Deca joins, in the afterglow of the sun on the 16th storey.
This, is Tian Kong Music Festival.

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